New Member Packet

New Member Enrollment Form Application,Beneficiary Selection Form and information about the Social Security Form SSA-1945 statement concerning your employment in a job not covered by Social Security.

Direct Deposit Form

Setting up direct deposit means the Boston Retirement Board can automatically deposit your monthly pension benefit into your checking or savings account at your financial institution on payday.
Direct Deposit Form

State-Boston Retirement System (“SBRS”) Refund Form

To receive a refund of the total accumulated deductions in your annuity savings account upon your termination of service.
State - Boston Retirement System Refund

Change of Address Form

To change address for retirees or beneficiaries.
Change of Address

New Member Enrollment Form

Allows a newly hired employee to enroll in SBRS.
New Member Enrollment

Change of Beneficiary Form/Option D

Directs the Boston Retirement Board to pay the money you have contributed to SBRS to your named beneficiaries in the event of your death, and allows a member to select an eligible beneficiary to receive an allowance if the member dies before retirement. 
Change of Beneficiary/Option D Form
Beneficiary Selection Form (Lump Sum)

Application for Military Service Credit

Allows a member to request creditable service for active service in the armed forces.
Application for Military Service Credit

Massachusetts Public Service Credit Purchase Application

Application to purchase credit for prior Massachusetts public service (Buyback)
Service Credit Purchase Application