About the Boston Retirement Board

Boston Retirement Board History and Administration

The State-Boston Retirement System (“SBRS”) is a governmental pension as defined by federal law.  The Boston Retirement Board (“Board”) is the fiduciary for SBRS by virtue of the City of Boston accepting the enactment of Massachusetts General laws Chapter 32 which governs Massachusetts’ pensions.

The Board serves members and retirees of all city departments and agencies as well as the School Department, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Boston Housing Authority, the Public Health Commission, and the Boston Water & Sewer Commission.

The Board consists of two (2) members elected by active and retired members of the system; the City Auditor as ex officio; one (1) member appointed by the Mayor of Boston; and one (1) member who is elected by the other four members of the Board.

Current Board of Trustees:

Daniel J. Greene, Esquire, Mayoral Appointed Member, Chairman
Sally D. Glora, City Auditor, Ex Officio Member
Michael W. McLaughlin, Elected Member
Thomas V. J. Jackson, Appointed Member
Michael D. O'Reilly, Elected Member

Facts & Figures

  • There are 14,000+ retired members of the System.

  • There are 20,000+ active employee members of the System.

  • The present value of the System's assets is approximately $5.4 billion dollars.