Waste Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

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Recycling Bin
How do I get a recycling bin?
What day do I set my recycling out for pickup?
Who do I call if my recycling wasn't picked up?
Recyclable Items
What can I recycle?
Can you recycle Styrofoam even if it has a recycling symbol on it ?
Does the City recycle Christmas trees?
Is wrapping paper recyclable?
Can I recycle reusable doors, windows, bathroom fixtures etc.?
Where can I recycle plastic bags?
Yard Waste
When are leaves and yard waste collected?
How can I compost at home?
Hazardous Waste
What should I do with my old paint?
What should I do with my household products that are hazardous?
What do I do with my tires, car batteries or propane tanks?
What should I do with compact flourescent light bulbs (CFLs)?
What do I do with household batteries?
How do I dispose of old prescription medication ?
Appliances & Electronics
Can I recycle my computer?
How do I get rid of an old television set?
Do my refrigerator or air conditioner get recycled?
Can I recycle household electronics?
Where do my bottles, cans, and paper that I put out for recycling go?
Can I recycle if I live in a large apartment building?
How can I recycle at work?
Can I recycle at school?