Street Lighting Maintenance Process

All street lights are designed to meet at least the minimum requirements of the Federal Highway Administration and the Illuminating Engineer Society.

Street lighting maintenance personnel repair and maintain approximately 40,000 of the 67,000 electric lights and all 2,800 gas lights throughout the City. Maintenance activities include:

  • all post installations and removals,
  • underground infrastructure,
  • controllers,
  • knockdowns, and
  • emergency calls.

System maintenance needs are gathered through a nighttime inspection of street lights on 26 high impact routes throughout the City, requests from neighborhood groups, and requests from the general public.

85% of repairs are completed within 7-10 days of being reported. All equipment is designed to the highest standards possible with the most efficient methods of maintenance available. All equipment is designed to have a “common base” so individual components can be used in multiple applications.

Under the supervision of Street Lighting Division engineers, an electrical contractor repairs and maintains the 23,100 street light fixtures, bracket arms, wiring, and fire alarm luminaries acquired from Boston Edison in 2002. The contractor supplies four repair crews for five months a year and five crews for seven months a year (over the winter months). Crews operate from 7:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight, Monday thru Friday, on two shifts. The Street Lighting Division supplies all materials to the contractor.

Street Lighting Division At Work