Construction Management

The City of Boston owns approximately 800 miles of paved streets and 1200 miles of sidewalks. The Construction Management Division of Public Works maintains the safety and security of these public right-of-ways. The three major functions of the Construction Management Division are roadway repair and restoration, sidewalk and pedestrian ramp repair, and utility compliance and coordination.

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    Active Utility Construction Report

    The Public Works Department’s Construction Inspection Unit (CIU) produces a daily report, Monday through Friday, of all active utility and private contractor construction work taking place in the Public Way throughout Boston. In addition they list all City resurfacing and reconstruction projects.

    Emergency work notified to the CIU after normal work hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday) is not available in the report until the following work day.

    This report will allow you to see what construction is taking place in your neighborhood, the reason for the work, the contact information for the company, and the estimated completion date of the project.

    Dependable utility service is crucial to the quality of life and the growth of Boston. However, construction can be an inconvenience to the public and the City feels that it is important for its residents to be aware of where this work is taking place.

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    2014 Utility Construction Season Begins

    Our Department held its annual Utility Construction Kickoff presentation on March 21st to begin the 2014 season. The City reviews its Rules and Specifications and its expectations for the upcoming season. We encourage you to take a look.

    2014 Utility Kickoff Presentation »

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    Utility Repair Tag Markers

    In Spring 2011, the Public Works Department initiated a new policy for patching procedures that requires all utility companies, private contractors, city contractors, and other agencies who perform excavation work on the City's roadways or sidewalks to install a color coded identification marker into the surface of their asphalt patches.

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