Public Works fills reported potholes in City of Boston streets within about two business days.

How to Report a Pothole

On State-Owned Roads

How Long it Takes to Repair

It takes about two business days to fill a pothole. Some potholes, because of their location in the road, are more difficult to fill. These difficult potholes take longer to repair.

Filing a Claim

If your vehcile has been damaged by a pothole, you can file a Notice of Claim Form with the City Clerk's Office.

About Potholes

Potholes happen when water gets under pavement. Over time, water can cause the material under the pavement to erode, causing the pavement to sink down and break. During the winter, the water under the pavement freezes, then thaws (contracting and expanding). This freeze/thaw cycle can cause the pavement to crack. Cracked pavement deteriorates quickly. Streets can seem to break out in potholes overnight.

Boston experiences a lot of freeze/thaw cycles. Expect to see more potholes in the winter and spring after periods of cold temperatures and rain or snow.

Making permanent repairs during the winter is difficult and expensive. Public Works temporarily repairs potholes in the winter to maintain safety and lessen damage to vehicles. In Spring, Public Works makes permanent repairs using hot asphalt.

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  • City Releases Prototype of Smart Phone App That Detects Potholes

    City partners with InnoCentive on "Street Bump Challenge," a competition to enhance usability.

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  • Mayor, Public Works Department Unveil New "Pothole Patcher" Machine

    The new “Pro-Patch Pothole Patcher” is a truck-mounted patching machine with an insulated and heated body that keeps asphalt at the proper temperature.  It has all necessary tools and materials on one truck for more efficient and effective road repairs.

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  • Help Us Repair Potholes By Reporting!

    Public Service Announcement regarding potholes.

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