Roadway and Sidewalk Cleanliness and Temporary Repair

Roadway and sidewalk cleanliness and temporary repair are the responsibility of the Highway Field Operations Division. The Division is a seven-day, twenty-four hour operation, maintaining over eight hundred (800) miles of City streets. Responsibilities include snow removal, street and sidewalk sweeping, pothole repair, litter basket installation and maintenance, and general temporary repairs that maintain roadways and sidewalks until major repairs are made.

  • Posted Street Cleaning Program
    Daily, from April through November, contracted and City-owned mechanical sweepers maintain (weather permitting) over four hundred curb miles of posted streets Citywide. Over one hundred curb miles swept nightly, year round in Downtown Boston, and an additional 40 arterial streets citywide swept once a week. Posted Street Sweeping Lookup

  • Non-Posted Street Cleaning
    Non-posted streets are mechanically swept on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Litter Basket Program
    Over fifteen hundred litter baskets installed and maintained citywide. Over four hundred litter baskets emptied three times a day in downtown Area. Over seven hundred neighborhood litter baskets citywide emptied daily, year round. The Public Works Department is conducting a pilot program, introducing the use of over forty solar powered litter baskets in various locations through out the City.

  • Hand Sweeping Program
    Over fifty hand sweeping personnel maintaining high litter areas of Downtown and citywide neighborhoods. (617-635-7555).

  • Snow Operations
    Over five hundred and fifty contract and City pieces of equipment are available during deicing and plowing operation of all public ways in the City of Boston. More Info

  • Patching Program
    Uses over three thousand tons of hot and cold patching asphalt products to repair and maintain potholes throughout the City of Boston. More Info

  • Freedom Trail Program
    Maintains and cleans daily, and repaints the 3.2 mile Freedom Trail three times a year and supplies brick and sidewalk repair as needed.

  • Neighborhood Cleanups
    Coordinates and disposes of over four hundred tons of debris from approximately fifty citywide neighborhood cleanups. These cleanups are scheduled through the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services.

  • Blackstone Open Market Program
    Preparation and cleanup of Blackstone/Haymarket Area vending operations.

  • Dead Animals
    Removal of dead animals from Public Ways is conducted by Public Works employees through a humane process in accordance with Boston Animal Control Division guidelines.

District Yards

The Division operates out of ten district yards located throughout the City.

District 1 - Boston Proper and Charlestown
District 2 - Jamaica Plain
District 3 - North Dorchester
District 4 - Brighton
District 5 - South Boston
District 6 - West Roxbury
District 7 - South Dorchester
District 8 - Hyde Park
District 9 - East Boston
District 10 - Roxbury