Woodhaven Urban Wild

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Mattapan  

Bordered on the northwest by Woodhaven Street and on the southeast by a steep drop to the MBTA commuter line right-of-way, Woodhaven urban wild is a geologically rich pocket of land topped by a fairly healthy oak and hickory forest. This small natural area boasts at least five types of rock: Mattapan volcanic rock, Roxbury puddingstone, argyllite or mudstone, breccia, and basalt. Invasives, such as green brier and European buckthorn, have begun to encroach on the northern section of the urban wild and in the southeastern section bordering the commuter rail right-of-way; however, the majority of the site is covered with white and red oaks. Ecologically, this urban wild is very valuable in that it not only provides a biologically and geologically diverse ecosystem, but also serves as a stepping stone between larger natural areas nearby. Gladeside Urban Wild and Almont Park, which contain large wooded outcrops, are both in close proximity. There are no established pathways through the site and the northeastern and southwestern sides are snuggly bordered by single family houses.