Willowwood Rock

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Mattapan  

Willowwood Rock urban wild is a small parcel of land surrounded by housing to the south, north, and east and bordered by Willowwood Road to the west. A wooded mudstone outcrop lines the eastern boundary of the site while the remaining western section of the site is covered with meadow grasses. Mudstone, also called Cambridge argyllite, is normally found north of Boston as its name indicates. The presence of mudstone in this area is extremely unusual and seems to indicate that this area was once covered by water. In the more recent past, this area experienced extensive dumping of everything from household devices to abandoned cars. A chain-link fence erected along Willowwood Road provides the site with improved, but incomplete, protection from this type of abuse. Positioned in an area of almost continuous housing, Willowwood Rock urban wild has the potential of serving as an important area for passive recreation. Unlike many urban wilds that lie at the periphery of neighborhoods, Willowwood Rock is in the heart of a housing development.