West Roxbury High School

Ownership: Boston Public Schools 

Neighborhood: West Roxbury 

The West Roxbury High School Urban Wild is a beautiful emergent cattail marsh ringed by red maples, aspen, and pine oaks. Situated in a manmade basin, the marsh is bordered by the West Roxbury High School to the northwest and the VHW Parkway to the southeast. A spillway and pond linking Sawmill Brook to the marsh are tucked between the high school and Saint Joseph's Cemetery. The West Roxbury High School is strategically situated adjacent to this large marsh area, thus providing excellent opportunities for environmental education and research. In fact, when the school proposal was first made, the possibilities for wetland education were highlighted as one of the primary benefits of this location. Furthermore, because this urban wild is located adjacent to other substantial natural areas, namely Millenium Park and Brook Farm, the site provides all Boston residents with an excellent opportunity for expanded passive recreation.