Sherrin Street Woods

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Hyde Park  

This is the 2nd largest urban wild site, located between the MBTA commuter rail tracks and Austin Street, just north of West Street. The northern half of the site is dominated by a rocky outcrop, known as Pine Rock, and forest comprised primarily of mature oaks, hickory, cherry, birch, and hemlock. The southern portion of the site is mostly filled-in stream channels and wetlands, which have gradually developed into a dense, weedy thicket of non-native, invasive shrubs and small trees. There are trails traversing the northern portion of the site. Along the eastern edge of the site is a right-of-way for the Stony Brook Conduit, replacing the now buried Stony Brook. Because of its size and accessibility, Sherrin Street Woods offers local residents many opportunities for passive recreation and natural history education, as well as significant aesthetic values. This large site helps break up the uniformity of many, small single-family house lots, and provides an appealing semi-rural feel to the neighborhood.