Reservation Road

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Hyde Park 

This urban wild, once called Motherbrook III, is now part of Reservation Road Park. Leading to the urban wild section south of the underpass, a stabilized stonedust pathway winds from the skateboard park to a quiet overlook beside the Motherbrook. An interpretive sign highlights the history of the canal and commemorates the construction of the park. The wild affords pleasant, secluded views of the Motherbrook and a bordering wetland. Oaks dominate the site although a large number of elm, crabapple, and sumac have also rooted on the land. Because much of the land appears to be fill, growing condidtions are harsh, thus favoring invasive plants such as oriental bittersweet, multiflora rose, and Norway maple. Nevertheless, with proper restoration of native, riparian plants, the area can support a larger diversity of flora and animals.