Nira Rock Urban Wild

Ownership: Boston Parks and Recreation Department 

Neighborhood: Jamaica Plain  

Formerly part of a quarry, Nira Rock consists of two major sections, an upper section and a lower section. The two sections are about equal in size. The upper section consists of a puddingstone outcropping, about forty-feet high. The east, north, and west sides of the outcrop are bordered by steep, rocky slopes and shrubby woodlands. The southeastern portion of the rock ascends gently from the end of Arcola Street. A mown path leads to the top of the rock providing good views of the Jamaicaway. The lower section of the site can be accessed from the end of Nira Avenue, or by following the trail down from and around the rock. It is maintained as an open meadow/orchard, with yearly mowing required to prevent the establishment of dense woody vegetation. The meadow/orchard can also be accessed from the Hennigan Schoolyard and the recently-renovated Jefferson Playground. The UWI and the Friends of Nira Rock developed a renovation/restoration plan in 2005, and have been implementing the plan in phases as funding becomes available.