Mattahunt Woods

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission (transferred from Neighborhood Development)

Neighborhood: Mattapan

Size: 4.6 acres (45 parcels) 

Mattahunt Woods is comprised of 4 ½ acres of secluded forested wetlands.  Permanently protected in 2008 through a citizen petition, Mattahunt Woods was the largest remaining intact, unprotected area of woodland in the City of Boston.  The site provides important wildlife habitat, native vegetation and functions to mitigate the impacts of storm water runoff.  Massive cleanup projects were undertaken in 2009 with City Year to remove construction debris, and later in 2011 with the Student Conservation Association to create a trail linking an Itasca Street trail head with a modest trail head at the intersection of Canaan and Colorado Street.  Portions of the site impacted by dumping of construction debris and automobile parts as well as incompatible adjacent land use are rife with invasive plants; however, interior sections reveal some healthy plant communities.

Mattahunt Woods (440)