John Eliot Square

Ownership: Leased to Paige Academy by Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Roxbury 

The John Eliot Square Urban Wild is located behind a stone retaining wall, near the intersection of Linwood Street, Highland Avenue, and Centre Street. Linwood Street and Centre Street directly abut the wild. A section of the urban wild was occupied by Walter Kruekl, the owner of the abutting home, for years. Mr. Kruekl extensively landscaped this area, transforming the site into a lovely private garden. This parcel was later sold to Mr. Kruekl. The remaining urban wild parcel was leased to Paige Academy located immediately across Linwood Street. Paige Academy is a non-profit, private educational institution and child care center. Since 1999, the academy has used a portion of the site for parking and the remainder as a small manicured garden. The site was landscaped with native plantings approved by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. A picnic table, wooden arbor, and log teepee provide playing areas for the students.