Iroquois Woods

Ownership: New England Baptist Hospital, a 40-year conservation restriction held by Boston Conservation Commission. 

Neighborhood: Mission Hill  

Iroquois Woods was not designated as an urban wild in the 1976 BRA report. However, a 40-year conservation restriction on the property was granted to the Boston Conservation Commission in 1999 by the New England Baptist Hospital. As a Conservation Commission restriction, this natural area is managed by the Urban Wilds Initiative. Iroquois Woods lies between Iroquois Street and Parker Hill Avenue and is comprised of a sloped forested area. The site is within close proximity of Parker Hilltop Urban Wild and has been actively managed with assistance from Earthworks Projects and the Friends of Iroquois Woods over the past several years. Work has included the cutting of invasive sycamore and norway maples and the establishment of a pathway leading from Iroquois Street to Parker Hill Avenue.