Gladeside Urban Wild

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission

Neighborhood: Mattapan  

This beautiful natural area hosts twining ridges of oaks that encircle a densely vegetated swamp. As one of the largest, undeveloped areas in Mattapan, Gladeside Urban Wild is a significant asset to the local community. One trail currently stretches from Lorna Road to Gladeside Avenue, while a second trail is being constructed along the West Selden Street border. Both the upland and lowland portions of this site are ecologically rich. The upland ridges host a variety of oaks, birch, hickory, and pine, while the lowland area bursts with sweet pepperbush, alder, and bayberry. Invasives such as Japanese knotweed and barberry have significantly intruded in areas; however, they have not yet compromised the wild's ecological integrity. Composed in part by a wetland, the wild also provides the ecological functions of flood storage, water filtration, and wildlife habitat.