Eldon Street I

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Roslindale  

The Eldon Street I urban wild is located to the east of the Arnold Arboretum and is roughly bordered by Hazelmere Road, Weld Street, Robken Road, Selwyn Street, and the Eldon Street II Urban Wild. The area is generally surrounded by the backyards of abutters; however, several obscure entrance points do exist into the urban wild. In an area of low topography, the Eldon Street urban wild serves primarily as a catch basin for the area's stormwater and is thus dominated by a forested wetland habitat. The area has been overrun by non-native, invasive species, especially multi-flora rose and buckthorn. At one time, a boardwalk permitted entrance into the wetter sections of the wild from Eldon Street. However, the overwhelming presence of multi-flora rose now makes this entry impossible.