Dump Shoreline (Part of Millenium Park)

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: West Roxbury  

As its name indicates, Dump Shoreline Urban Wild spans the eastern flank of the now capped Gardner Street Landfill or Millenium Park. The site was utilized as a dumping ground for organic materials generated by the Parks and Recreation Department. Thus, although the area originally must have hosted a silver maple floodplain forest, the filled land now consists of an increasing number of woody plants. Located along the banks of the Charles River, this urban wild has been partially restored and incorporated into the new Millenium Park. During construction of Millenium Park, some debris was cleared from the site and a stonedust trail was established along the water's edge. The majority of the new Millenium Park is covered with grasses and sparse woody vegetation; however, the urban wild area provides a glimpse of the habitat that once stretched all the way across the landfill to the DCR's Brook Farm. Although the habitat of the urban wild has been significantly altered by past dumping, restoration projects can be undertaken to re-establish the wetland habitat. The urban wild also hosts a canoe launch into the Charles River. Because this urban wild is located near the West Roxbury High School, environmental education opportunities abound. Plans for the urban wild include the creation of interpretive signage to highlight the history and ecology of the area.