Cedar Street

Ownership: Department of Neighborhood Development 

Neighborhood: Roxbury  

The Cedar Street Urban Wild is surrounded by residential housing on two sides and by community gardens on two sides. A pathway winds through the wild linking the Allan Crite Garden on Cedar Street to the Highland Center Garden on Linwood Street. Both gardens are managed by the Boston Natural Areas Network. A gate provides direct access to the urban wild from the abutting residential development. The wild can also be accessed from either community garden. A portion of the urban wild has been cultivated with perennial flowers and fruiting trees including hazelnut and apple. The most notable feature of this urban wild is a large puddingstone outcrop located in the western portion of the property. Invasive sycamore maple and Norway maple dominate the site creating a shade so dense that little other than garlic mustard and mugwort survive in the understory. As a result, groundcover is sparse. A few pine oaks have survived near the rock outcrop.