Canterbury I

Ownership: Department of Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood: Roslindale 

This small wetland and forested upland area is sandwiched between the playing field of a local elementary school and a housing development along Hilburn and Seymour Streets. As a result of these adjacent development projects, a considerable amount of the wetland has been subject to fill and dumping. A fence currently surrounds the site preventing access. The upland portion of the site contains the foundations of a building that once perched above the wetland. As a functioning wetland, this area provides flood storage, water filtration, and wildlife habitat. Although the area is highly degraded and overrun with invasives, native wetland plants, such as cattails, and a decent canopy of oaks, red maple, and elm do persist. Birds extensively utilize the site for nesting and feeding purposes. However, in its present, fenced condition, the wetland provides little benefit to the neighboring community.