Boundary I

Ownership: Parcel #6011 - City of Boston, Parcel #6013 � MA Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) 

Neighborhood: Hyde Park  

The DCR has acquired the majority of this site and has incorporated it into the Stony Brook Reservation. However, one City-owned parcel adjacent to the George Wright Golf Course and High Point Village contains a healthy cattail marsh surrounded by upland forest. The wetland is believed to be a habitat for the rare spotted turtle. A mixed deciduous forest, predominantly composed of oaks and birch, covers the upland areas while the lowland area hosts traditional wetland species such as sweet pepperbush, highbush blueberry, lowbush blueberry, and witchhazel. Teaberry, sweet fern, and ferns are common groundcover. Ecologically and topographically, the parcel is contiguous with the reservation. In fact, the only feature marking the site is the fence and rock wall that divides the parcel from the golf course.