Scooter and Motorcycle Parking

Newbury and Boylston streets now offer the City's first metered parking slots specifically for scooters and motorcycles.

The Boston Transportation Department divided six standard car spots to create space for 39 scooters or motorcycles. The meter rate is 25 cents per hour but there is no time limit, allowing scooter and motorcycle owners to feed the meter for the day.

The new parking initiative serves to recognize Boston's growing population of scooter and motorcycle drivers, while giving them parking privileges similar to those of other motor vehicle owners. The creation of the slots keeps the vehicles from being parked illegally on sidewalks and obstructing the paths of pedestrians. 

The parking spaces also aid in Boston's Green Initiatives program by encouraging the use of the smaller, more environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. The slots are even labeled with green signs, further adding the new step in Green Initiatives.

The Boston Transportation Department will be monitoring this pilot program carefully over the next few months, looking for any necessary changes to be made.


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    Mayor Menino celebrates the inauguration of scooter and motorcycle on-street parking in the Back Bay.

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