Resident Parking Permit

Boston's Resident Permit Parking Program is an initiative designed to give residents a better chance of finding an on-street parking space in their neighborhood. Many of the parking spaces on Boston's residential streets are regulated as "Resident Parking Only."

A smaller number of parking spaces on these same streets are posted as "Visitor Parking" areas for the guests of neighborhoods residents. Residents who live in areas where parking is regulated for residents-only must apply for a Resident Parking Permit to avoid receiving parking tickets.

Important Considerations

  • ALL outstanding City of Boston parking tickets must be paid before applying for or renewing a resident parking permit.

  • Resident parking permits are provided at NO CHARGE for qualified residents.

  • Permits are distributed by the Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224, City Hall. Residents, or their representatives, may apply in person or online.

  • Permit Sticker Placement: resident sticker should be displayed in rear window on passenger side. If the rear window is tinted, the resident sticker should be displayed in side window on the passenger side.

Temporary Resident Parking Permits

The Office of the Parking Clerk will grant a temporary permit to residents with a current Resident Parking Permit for rental cars only. In the event that you have to temporarily use a rental car, please fax your rental agreement to the Clerk's Office for a temporary permit at 617-635-2104.

Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

Petition for a Resident Parking Program in Your Neighborhood

Typically, a new Program, or an expansion thereof, must be initiated by neighborhood residents in the form of a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of residents who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older; and

  • Live on the streets proposed to be included in the Program.

More Information


  • Questions?

    Please call the Office of the Parking Clerk's Resident Parking Division at 617-635-4682 with questions on how to apply for a permit.

  • Reminder

    Resident Parking Permits must be renewed every two years.