We are combating the perception that government business happens behind closed doors by using technology to make key government records available to the public. We proudly share information about how we are putting tax dollars to work. And we keep the public informed of important decision making meetings as they happen and make records of past meetings available.

Performance Metrics

Our performance management program represents a citywide effort to increase accountability and transparency both within government and with citizens. Internally, a web-based system is used for collecting and tracking data for all departments. The data is used to identify trends, raise questions and devise new management strategies. Then, information is published on our website for public review. 
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Service Request Data

Our GIS Data Hub provides resource for employees and residents to access maps, reports and charts using geographic data layers to see service requests and resolutions in the community. Citizens can also track their requests at any time via the website.
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Meeting Notices

Public meetings are advertised through an online calendar, which allows users to sign up for email/SMS reminders or meetings, add meeting details to their personal calendars and get notified of schedule changes.
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Broadcasting Meetings

The City recognized the need for more transparency of government deliberations and enlisted our assistance. The process we undertook with the City Council, School Committee and Boston Redevelopment Authority included building out full portable production facilities with robotic cameras, on-site audio switching, graphic capabilities, etc. and adding fiber links to the City network and cable networks for live video transport.  Boston agencies and the City Council now offer live cable and web based public processes and hearings, as well as searchable archival video. Our completion of the City’s fiber network and borrowed resources from Comcast and RCN networks have given us the opportunity to expand our web and cable capabilities for live presentation of government action.

City Council and Redevelopment Authority meetings are aired live on Boston City TV and streaming to the website. Old meetings are archived in our video library on the website. 



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Making Meeting Records Available

City Council agendas, meeting minutes and voting records are available on the website, searchable by date and keyword. 
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Publishing the Names of Appointees

The names and terms of board and commission members appointed by the mayor are posted to the website. 
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Publishing Financial Records

Detailed budget documents are available on our website for current and previous years. We also publish payroll information for all employees.

Legislation Information Management System

Introduced in January 2011, our new Legislative Information Management System takes open government to the next level by providing:
  • Real-time meeting information;
  • Searchable, time stamped videos of meetings; 
  • Advanced search for meeting agendas, minutes, and supporting documents;
  • Documents in text and PDF formats;
  • Constituent commenting and testimony management; and
  • Exposure of data through an APU for 3rd part applications and services.

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