Register & Profile Set-up

During registration you will create a User Name and a Password. Once created, you'll use these to log in whenever you return to the City of Boston Career Center.

Registration is not required to review the job listings, but is recommended, as it allows you to:

  • Save your job searches

  • Create a job agent, which notifies you via email with new job postings

  • Apply for a job

  • Save your application information


Register from the main Job Listings Page by clicking either of two links.


Enter a new User Name and Password. Because of the large number of people who will create User Names, try to make yours unique, for example, combining your name and birth day (MichelaOct16) or using a pet's name and your favorite number (Benji7). For your password, create one that only you will know and would not be easy for others to guess. There are no restrictions on the password you create.

In the future you will enter your User Name and Password in the Log In box .

Forgot your User Name or Password?

NOTE: you must have completed your Profile Set-up (see below) for this to work. If you have not completed your Profile Set-up and you forget your username or password, you must register again with a new username and password combination.

If you forget your User Name or Password, select Login Help. Choose one of the two options presented:

  • Supply your User Name and have a new password sent to you

  • Supply the email address listed in your profile and have your User Name emailed to you

Setting up a Profile

Once you've registered, you should complete your Profile Set-up by clicking on the My Profile link in the My Career Tools box.

On the My Profile page, you can change your password, and enter your name and contact information that will be used to contact you. After making any additions or changes, be sure click the save button located at the top or bottom of the page.


  • To add an address, you must start by clicking the add_address_button button FIRST. Once you enter your address, click search and your entry will be matched against US Postal Service databases to return the appropriate format. To edit or change, click add_address_button again.

  • An email address is required to update your Profile because all communication regarding an application, such as confirmation of receipt and status updates, is sent by email only. If you do not have one, you may sign up for a free email account at one of these or many other websites: