Search Tips

There are two ways to perform a Job Search from the Careers Page.


  1. You can perform a Basic Job Search by entering a key word and clicking "Search".

  2. You can perform an Advanced Search by clicking on the Advanced Search link. Advanced searches allow you to search by:

  • Keywords

  • Job Title

  • Job Opening ID

  • Part-time/Full-time status

  • Location

  • Posting Date

  • Job Family - allowing you to look for jobs in specific categories, such as Teacher or Administrative/Clerical

The more criteria you use, the more refined your results will be.

Once you have entered in all the relevant criteria, click "Search" to view the matching jobs.

Save a search for future use

When performing an Advanced Search, it is possible to save search criteria to perform the search again in the future. To so do, click on the button. On the following page, give your search criteria a name, for example "Admin", if the search is to find administrative job postings.

Receive email notifications of new postings

Additionally, you can save your search as a "Job Agent", which means that whenever a posting becomes available that matches the search criteria, you will automatically be notified by email. To do so, when saving a search (see above) click the box next to "Use as Job Agent" and supply an email address in the box next to "Send Job Agent notification to:". When an email arrives notifying you of a matching posting, link back to the City of Boston Career Center and complete the on-line application.

Review and Sort Postings

Once you've performed your job search, you can review the open postings that match your search criteria. If there are multiple positions, you can sort them by clicking on any of the column headers (e.g., Date, Posting Title, Location). To see the detailed posting, click on the title for the specific job. Make sure to check that there aren't more listings by looking at the "Next' and "Last" indicators. The "Next" link will be blue if there are more jobs to view.