Dental/Vision Insurance

Dental/Vision benefits can differ depending on the employee’s collective bargaining agreement.  Many City employees receive this benefit at no cost through the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund (MPE Fund.) See list of unions who receive dental/vision coverage under MPE.

Employees eligible for coverage under the MPE Fund will receive an enrollment form directly from the MPE Fund once they have completed 6 months of service to the City.  Employees must complete the form to indicate whether they would like the Network Plan or the Indemnity Plan. They must also indicate whether they would like to have an Individual or Family plan.

Massachusetts Public Employee Fund Contact Information

Fund Office: 1-800-325-5214
Dental Unit: 1-800-553-6277
Vision Unit: 1-800-406-1656

Other employees may be offered Dental/Vision plan through their Union; these include employees in the Boston Teachers Union, Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, Boston Police Superior Officers Association, Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society, and the Boston Firefighters L718. Employees in these Unions should contact their Union representative directly for more information about these programs.

Dental Coverage under your Health Plan

Pediatric Preventive Dental services for children under the age of 12 are covered in full for members of the Harvard Pilgrim HMO and POS plans, Neighborhood Health Plan and Blue Choice Plan.  These services include examination, cleaning, bite wing x-rays and fluoride treatments.  These services are covered once every six months with a participating provider under your health plan.

Members age 12 and older who are covered under the Harvard Pilgrim HMO & POS plans are eligible for preventive dental services with participating providers.  These services include examination, cleaning and bitewing x-rays.  Other preventive services such as fluoride treatments may be covered up to a certain age.  These services are covered once every six months; office visit co-pay may apply.

In certain instances, tooth extraction, such as removal of wisdom teeth, is covered under your health plan.  Please check with your health plan before receiving these services.  Office visit co-pay applies.

Coordinating the benefits offered through your Health Insurance along with your Dental Insurance coverage could save you even more money.  Make sure your dentist has both your health insurance and dental insurance information on file and they can help you coordinate the coverage. 

Vision Coverage under your Health Plan

Routine Vision exams are covered under most of the health plans administered through the City of Boston.  Most of the HPHC and BCBS health plans also offer discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses through certain eyewear retailers.  Coordinating the benefits under your Health Insurance along with your Vision Insurance coverage could save you even more money. 

Log onto your health plan website to get more information on these discount programs.