MONB has been nationally recognized as a model in assisting newcomers to overcome barriers and challenges. Every year, our office helps New Bostonian residents find an English class, access city services, open a new business, receive free immigration advice from volunteer lawyers, get a job, buy their first home and much more. We celebrate and encourage the progress of our newest international residents, as they invigorate and strengthen the fabric of our city with their vitality, resourcefulness, skills, different cultures and languages, and unique perspectives.

We are pleased with MONB’s concrete steps to work towards meeting the four overarching goals that comprise our mission.  Here are some of our accomplishments over the past years:

Goal:  Identify and address key issues facing New Bostonian Communities in partnership with New Bostonian communities

With the help of focus groups, interviews and surveys, MONB has accomplished the following:

  • Initiated the English for New Bostonians (ENB) project, a city-private-community partnership in 2001. ENB funds English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs in the community, and enables 1,000 additional students to attend classes annually.

  • Provide immigration consultation to 300 people annually and mitigate scams through bi-weekly immigration clinics staffed by competent pro-bono attorneys.

  • Brought together a unprecedented diverse coalition to increase civic and voter participation and give New Bostonians a voice in the New Bostonians Vote/Now is the Time Campaign.  Registered thousands of new voters.

  • Effectively brought together diverse communities and sectors to develop a clear, citywide Agenda to address key goals of ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs in New Bostonian communities through the New Bostonians Summit.

  • New Bostonian Communities feel they have representation at City Hall and see MONB as asset and resource.

Goal: Act as a catalyst for change and facilitate collaboration and understanding among immigrant communities and other stakeholders


  • Catalyzed the East Boston Latino Community Coalition to address issues facing the growing immigrant communities in East Boston.

  • New Bostonians Summit brought together diverse groups who previously did not know each other and provided opportunity for networking and collaboration.

  • English For New Bostonians is a national model in bringing together public-private partnership to address ESOL issue.

  • New Bostonians Vote/Now is The Time Campaign brought together disparate groups who were doing their “own thing” in isolation to work together to give New Bostonians a ‘bigger voice” in addressing community issues.

Goal: Improve New Bostonians’ access to city government, its services, and community resources

Through systemic outreach and response to community issues and participation at community meetings and events , MONB has worked to strengthen the relationship between the city government and the community, and to ensure better access to city services. Some of our accomplishments in this area include:

  • New Bostonians leaders and organizations have direct contact with Cabinet chiefs and department heads through periodic “Meet and Greet” events to introduce city officials to the community and facilitate access.

  • New Bostonians leaders, organizations and community members have access to the Mayor through community events, meetings and various MONB sponsored events.

  • New Bostonians who do not speak English are better able to access City and Community services through MONB’s City Volunteer Interpreter Pool, Information and Referral program, New Bostonians Community Day event, and our publications: the New Bostonians Guide to City Services - which has been translated into 7 languages - and the New Bostonian’s Guide to Boston.

  • MONB has provided technical assistance on interpretation and translation to and collaborations with about 20 departments annually to better reach the diverse communities.  Examples of collaborations:  New Bostonians Community Day, City Job Fair, Earned Income Tax collaboration, Spanish Classes in Public Library and City Hall, minority recruitment at Boston Police Department and Fire Department, to name a few.

  • Community Organizations and City Departments have better access to the range of New Bostonians resources through the much-in-demand Community Resource Directory compiled by MONB. 

  • Fear of government has decreased and trust in city government has increased as evidenced by the increased turn out of community members at immigration clinics and various MONB and other city events.

  • City employees have a better understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures through the bi-monthly Cultural Competence Awareness presentations, attended by 50-60 city employees each time.

  • City Department’s Cultural Competency Plans, drafted in 2000 to better reach out to the diverse communities was the first in the nation.

  • A city-wide Translation, Interpretation and Customer Policy was drafted with the collaboration of several city departments.

Goal: Recognize and promote the significant contributions of New Bostonians, individually and collectively. 


  • We Are Boston (WAB), celebrating diversity, immigrant contributions and heritage, has succeeded in highlighting the many and critical contributions of immigrants both individually and collectively. In addition, WAB’s  unprecedented success in bringing together Old and New Bostonians, African Americans, Puerto Ricans and Native Americans under one umbrella to celebrate diversity and understand our common interdependence is a national model.

  • City employees have a better understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures through the bi-monthly Cultural Awareness Series, attended by 50-60 city employees each time. The goal of the one-hour presentations is to increase the sense of community and teamwork by understanding each other, and sharing languages, music, customs, food, folklore, literature and artifacts.

We continue to work on these goals in collaboration with city officials and community agencies to fulfill our mission and increase our impact on New Bostonians communities.

Measuring Impact

Immigrant communities have expressed their sense of appreciation towards MONB for giving them a voice within the government.
In 2006, MONB developed and conducted an electronic survey of individuals in diverse immigrant communities. The survey’s purpose was to identify current issues facing these communities and to evaluate MONB’s role and its programs’ effectiveness. To read this report, please see our Publications [7 publications page ] page.  In summary, MONB’s role as a facilitator, advocate and catalyst instead of service provider was widely affirmed, and all of MONB’s programs were seen as necessary and effective.  The key issues identified were ESOL, K-12 Education and Jobs (addressed in the New Bostonians Summit Initiative).

Awards Received

The Mayor's Office of New Bostonians received the 2001 Cultural Diversity Award from the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO), a leading voice for African American leadership in local government and a constituency group of the National League of Cities. The Award promotes the concept of "total community collaboration" and echoes the importance of MONB's mission.

The 2000 City Livability Award for Outstanding Achievement was awarded to MONB by the United States Conference of Mayors for our various programs and activities that ensure that city government is responsive and accessible to diverse cultural and linguistic communities.

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  • Anti-Defamation League Community Seder
    Mayor Walsh and city councilor Andrea Campbell offer remarks at the Anti-Defamation League's Nation of Immigrants Community Seder held at Umass Boston. Seder is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.Watch Video »
  • Immigrant Community Conversation
    Mayor Walsh hosts a town hall style forum at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury to address concerns and questions raised by the immigrant and refugee communities of Boston. The forum was designed to bring City resources to communities impacted by recent federal executive orders, answer community questions, gain feedback from immigrants and refugess, and to clarify where Boston stands when it comes to immigrationWatch Video »

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