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Personal Records
How do I obtain a copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate?
Parking & Transportation
How do I pay a parking ticket?
How do I appeal a parking ticket?
What do I need to park a moving van/dumpster on my street?
How do I report a traffic light that is not working?
My car was towed. Who do I need to contact to get it back?
When is street cleaning in my neighborhood? Can the City remind me?
How do I get a Boston Meter Card?
Waste & Recycling
I have a large item I need to throw away. How do I do this?
They missed my waste/recycling. What do I do?
How do I report a trash violation?
Streets & Sidewalks
How do I report a broken streetlight, pothole, or cracked sidewalk?
How can I pay my motor vehicle excise tax?
How can I pay my real estate/property taxes or find information on a property?
Property & Construction
Where do I report an issue with housing (no heat/hot water, etc.)?
Where do I report a building/structural issue?
My Neighborhood
Where do I find my waste/recycling day, fire or police stations, or my voting location?