119th Annual Boston Marathon: Monday, April 20, 2015

Honoring the strength of our city, its people, and their acts of kindness

Excerpt from "Prayer" by local poet Daniel Tobin.

About the Race

Date, time, course accessibility, and general information for spectators.

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Maps, road closures, parking restrictions, and public transit information.

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Public Safety

Safety information for Spectators and Runners from the B.A.A. and the City of Boston.

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Events & Memorials

Local and Digital Events, Boston's annual Moment of Silence and more.

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About the Race

Date, time, course accessibility, and general information for spectators.

The Race

Runners will begin their 26.2 mile long journey in the town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and complete the race on Boylston Street in Boston's historic Back Bay Neighborhood.

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Best Places to Watch

The first wave of runners will be departing Hopkinton at 8:50 AM with the last wave of runners scheduled to depart at 11:15 AM. The Boston Athletic Association recommends that spectators who are looking for ideal viewing schedule follow the approximate time line.


A wheelchair accessible viewing area is located at Hereford Street, adjacent to the white medical tent and accessible from Boylston Street. Accessible seating at the finish line is available for ticket holders. Sidewalks are ramped in additional areas as needed.

Streaming Video

If you're unable to make the race in person, you can still watch it stream live online.

Watch live coverage of the Boston Marathon on WBZ-TV, Universal Sports, and on the Boston Athletic Association's Website.

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Maps, road closures, parking restrictions, and public transit information.

Many roads in Boston will be closed to cars and other vehicles in the days leading up to and the day of the Boston Marathon and on Monday, April 20, 2015.

In the interest of public safety and traffic management, Boston’s Police and Transportation Departments may make changes to the following traffic restrictions and parking regulations as necessary. It is important that drivers pay close attention to all posted signs.

The following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, April 20, 2015.

  • 5 AM - Streets in the vicinity of the Boston Common will close

  • 6 AM - Boylston Street, Hereford Street to Arlington Street will close

  • 8 AM - All streets east of Massachusetts Avenue (as well as Massachusetts Turnpike Exit 22) will close

  • 8 AM - All streets west of Massachusetts Avenue in the Kenmore Square Audubon Circle area will close

  • 8:30 AM - All streets in the Brighton area leading into the route will close

Please see the Official Transportation Press Release for a complete list of roads.


Parking will be restricted on several streets in the Back Bay on Monday, April 20, 2015, as well as on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Parking will also be restricted on some streets several days in advance of the weekend to allow preparations to take place. Please see the Official Transportation Press Release for a complete list of roads.

Monday, April 20 is also Patriot's Day, a recognized City holiday; all parking meters in the city are free on this day.

Public Transit (MBTA)

Using the MBTA to travel to and from Boston on marathon Monday is strongly recommended. All trains run on a holiday schedule. Copley and Arlington Stations are closed during the day; additionally, South Street, Kent Street, and St. Mary's Street Stations on the above-ground branches of the Green Line are closed between 10 AM and approximately 6 PM on marathon Monday.

For a faster return trip, the MBTA advises riders to purchase a round-trip rather than a one-way ticket.

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Public Safety

Safety information for spectators and runners.

Prohibited Items

View a complete list of prohibited items on the marathon route, provided by the Boston Athletic Association.

Official Spectator Policy

Report Suspicious Activity

Text "Boston" to 69050 to report suspicious activity and call 9-1-1 in an emergency situation. Follow @bostonpolice for updates.

Trauma Response

The Boston Public Health Commission will be offering a number of resources for individuals in need of a counselor or a mental health clinician prior to and during the marathon.

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Events and Memorials

Local and digital events, including a moment of silence on 4/15.

Moment of Silence

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh will hold a moment of silence at 2:49 p.m. on April 15 to mark the two-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. Church bells will then ring throughout the City. Mayor Walsh is encouraging people outside of the City, and around the world, to join Bostonians in the moment of silence.

Our Marathon : Digital Archive and WBUR Oral History Project: http://marathon.neu.edu/bca

"Our marathon" is an archive of pictures, videos, stories, and social media related to the Boston Marathon; the bombing on April 15, 2013; the subsequent search, capture, and trial of the individuals who planted the bombs; and the city’s healing process.The archive will serve as a memorial, preserving these records for students and researchers, providing future historians with invaluable, local windows into an important national event.

City Archives: A Digital Memorial: http://oneboston.tumblr.com/

Notes and well-wishes have come from every corner of the globe after the events of the Boston Marathon, but many of these messages are not weather-resistant. The more fragile keepsakes were moved to City Archives in West Roxbury; many of these keepsakes have been included in a digital collection called the OneBoston Tumblr as well as on the City Archives official Tumblr.

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How We Help

Meet some of the people responsible for putting it all together.

Joe Merced hanging a "Family Meeting Area L" sign on Clarendon Street at the intersection of Stuart Street.

Sookdeo Harridan preparing to hang a "Family Meeting Area E" sign on Stuart Street at the intersection of Berkeley Street.

Bryan Errico fabricating signs in preparation for the Boston Marathon.

Boston Transportation's Sign Shop

The team from the Boston Transportation Department’s Sign Shop works to ensure that necessary operational details are completed. During the first week of April, staff begins fabricating 2200 paper signs that announce event related temporary parking restrictions and other important details in the Back Bay, Fenway/Kemore and Brighton neighborhoods, and during the second week of April, they begin tying these signs to street sign poles, utility poles, meters, and elsewhere, in an effort to provide as much advance notice as possible to residents and drivers. The signs are constantly checked and reposted as necessary right up until the morning of the race. Sign Shop staff is also responsible for removing all street furniture from the area near the finish line to make room for staging, the grandstand and the medical tent, and replacing these items in the days following the marathon; roping a portion of the route to supplement BPD’s barricades; erecting variable message boards around the city to provide information on street closures; establishing and staffing BTD’s Command Center at Trinity Park from Friday through Tuesday; and managing a fleet of 88 golf carts that provide quick and easy access on and around the route for personnel from BPD, BFD, EMS and other agencies that provide essential services for the event.

Public Works Department

Public Works employees are first on the route and the last ones off, working non-stop to make streets and sidewalks clean and safe. They fill potholes, repair sidewalks, move trash bins, and loudly cheer on the last leg of runners as they help sweep up an estimated 1.4 million cups and other trash from the route.

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By the Numbers

Surprising marathon statistics and interactive maps.

26 Boston Marathon Facts

A fact for every mile. Follow the marathon Route and learn fun facts and history along the way with this interactive map of the Boston Marathon. Click on the image to start exploring!