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Every month we feature a map or application created in BostonMaps.

26 Boston Marathon Facts

A fact for every mile!

Follow the Marathon route and learn fun facts and history along the way with this interactive map of the Boston Marathon.

26 Boston Marathon Facts

Mapping Applications

  • BMapsSpotlight200


    BostonMaps is a mapping platform which allows residents, City employees and visitors to visually display city data through maps. Using our simple mapping interface you can use an ordinary web browser to access City data from a variety of departments.

    BostonMaps »

  • Assessing200s

    Property Data Viewer

    The property viewer allows you to zoom in on a specific parcel to find Assessing Department information on property ownership, building and land valuation, lot size and more.

    Property Search Map »

  • Solar System Boston Screenshot

    Solar System Boston

    Solar System Boston is a new mapping application which enables homeowners and businesses to quickly and easily understand their roofs' solar potential and installation cost estimates. Solar System Boston is a partnership with Mapdwell®. The tool has mapped all 127,000 buildings in Boston for their solar potential.

    Solar Map »

  • BRAviewerdowntown

    BRA Article 80 Viewer

    The Article 80 Project Viewer is a web application designed to allow people to search and view Article 80 development projects.

    Zoning Viewer »


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Video & Multimedia

  • City Officials Impress with Maps at 2011 ESRI Conference

    At the 2011 ESRI International User Conference, representatives from the City of Boston demonstrated the City's use of GIS applications to attendees, highlighting how the applications are being used to engage citizens and improve the City's efficiency and effectiveness.

    Watch The Boston Way with GIS

    Watch GIS Engaging Citizens

    Watch GIS Strategy


  • Storytelling with Maps Award 2015

    Esri Grand Prize winner, for Boston Snow Journal

    More information

  • Technology Solutions Award 2014

    Public Technology Institute, GIS category for BostonMaps

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  • Significant Achievement Award 2011

    Public Technology Institute for SAM, Street and Address Management

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  • Technology Solutions Award 2010

    Public Technology Institute, GIS category for the GIS Data Hub

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  • Special Achievement Award 2009

    Esri for significant achievement in GIS

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