Policies, Guidelines & Practices

In an interest to serve the public more efficiently and to comply with all laws, rules and regulations, we are making changes to our policies, guidelines and practices. Below is a summary of the changes as of March 23, 2011.

(1) All requests for permits, extension of hours, extension of premises, licenses (all kinds), one-day specials, amendments to license or any miscellaneous or letter requests being made to the Licensing Board must be submitted to the Board for its consideration two (2) weeks prior to the contemplated event or the day which you intend to have the action/permit issue.  This will allow the Board to schedule hearings, if necessary, two weeks in advance, and at a minimum one week in advance, and to comply with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.  The Board will not take action on any matter submitted to it less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the contemplated event, unless such a request falls within an exception of the Open Meeting Law.
(2) From now on, all applications for permits, including but not limited to one-day specials, must have all portions completed upon submission to get placed on the agenda for the Board’s consideration.  Applications not bearing original signatures and which have not been completed fully (note: “TBD” is not considered an answer) will no longer be accepted and/or will be considered incomplete and will be returned to the applicant/licensee or rejected.  

(3) Licensees who are seeking a one-day amendment to their license (i.e. hours, premise, etc.) must complete the new form “Application for One Day License Amendment.”  

(4) All one-day special and one-day amendment to license requests/application must have: the sign-off from the District Police Station; and valid Certificate of Use and Occupancy, Certificate of Inspection, and Fire Assembly Permit for the areas of the premises which will be in use. 

(5) The Board will not accept photocopies of applications.  All applications must bear original signatures.