Frequently Asked Questions

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The Process
When do I receive the license after Board approval?
When will I hear the Board’s decision on a citation, permit, application or request?
Can I appeal any decision the Board has taken?
When do I have to submit a floor plan?
If I do not contest the facts of the Licensed Premise Inspection Notice, do I still have to show up for the violation hearing?
Common Victualler License
Can I operate/open a restaurant or take out business if I only have an ISD (Inspectional Services Certificate)?
Providing Notice
When do I need to provide legal notice to the direct abutters?
When do I have to contact the local Neighborhood Association and City Councilor for the area?
Additional Permits
What do I have to do to obtain approval to have a patio/outdoor seating?
Do I have to seek additional permits to play music, have live entertainment or have televisions at my establishment?
What is the annual fee for a Common Victualler 7-Day All-Alcoholic Beverages License?
What is the fee for a one-day liquor license?
Liquor Licenses
What time can I start serving alcohol?
Can anyone get a one-day liquor license?
Can I apply for a malt and wine license simultaneously with a liqueurs/cordials permit?
What is the current price to purchase a liquor license?
If I am seeking to buy a liquor license do I need to buy one in the area? Example: If I want to open a business in South End, does the liquor license I purchase need to be one that was in the South End?
Can I sell my liquor license?
Where can I access a copy of the hearing list?
Can I attend the Licensing Board’s hearings?
If I file a Common Victualler License or a Common Victualler License with malt, wine or all alcohol application, example, today when will the Board put it on for a hearing?
What are the possible results of a hearing?
Violations Issued by Police
What does it mean when the police issue my business a violation?
What happens once the police issue a violation through the Licensed Premise Inspection Notice?
What are the Boston Licensing Board’s office hours?
How do I contact the Boston Licensing Board?
How do I contact the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC)?
How do I contact the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department?