Frequently Asked Questions

The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit City of Boston Law Department personnel from providing any legal assistance or advice. Taxpayers seeking legal assistance or advice should secure the assistance of a licensed attorney. Notwithstanding this limiation, the Tax Title Division provides this list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' for the convenience of taxpayers.

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Land Court
I received a Land Court citation by certified mail; what does this document mean?
What if I fail to answer the Land Court citation?
My property has been foreclosed upon. How do I redeem the property? Can I enter into a payment plan to redeem a foreclosed property?
I know of a property that the City is in the process of foreclosing. Can I buy it from the City for back taxes?
Does the City of Boston offer assistance to property owners facing foreclosure?
Where can I find out how much I owe in real estate taxes?
What if I am unable to pay my tax bill?
Can I enter into a payment plan to pay delinquent property taxes?
Can I negotiate the amount due or can you waive interest and fees?
I never received my tax bills. Why do I have to pay interest and fees?
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