Law Department

The Office has been in continuous existence for 180 years and under the sole authority of the Corporation Counsel for 125 years. The Corporation Counsel has supervisory authority over all City attorneys and legal affairs and is responsible for all litigation to which the City of Boston is a party.
The Law Department itself consists of about sixty lawyers, paralegals, support staff and administrators.

In representing the City of Boston, our clients include the Mayor, the City Council and all City departments, including the Police, Fire and School Departments. An important role we play is to advise these clients in order to avoid or mitigate legal claims against the City.

In addition, we review all City of Boston contracts, pursue claims on behalf of the City through affirmative litigation, initiate foreclosure proceedings on tax delinquent properties, and, most notably, defend our clients against all forms of claims (about 2000 of which were handled last year).

Eugene L. O’Flaherty,
Corporation Counsel

City Hall, Room 615
Boston, MA 02201
Phone: 617-635-4034
Fax: 617-635-3199