Adult Services

Adult Services provides oversees a broad range of program models and options for adults 18 years and older in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and occupational skills training to meet the needs of the unemployed, low-wage workers as well as a number of special target groups including: refugees and immigrants, homeless individuals, TANF recipients, dislocated workers, older workers, etc. The Adult Services unit works closely with Boston’s one-stop career centers, a wide array of community based organizations and higher education institutions including local community colleges in its role as an intermediary or "broker" of services. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the source of funds.

Skills Training
JCS’ Adult Services administers public funding to sponsor programs offering basic skills training leading towards good jobs and livable wages. Services typically include assessment, classroom or work-site instruction, various supports including counseling/case management, career coaching, job placement, and post-placement services. Skills training options are available for low-wage workers, unemployed and displaced workers. Recent training options have included: healthcare, hotel/hospitality, business/computerized office support, commercial driving license, culinary arts, and child care teaching. Individuals looking to explore skills training can access information through Boston’s one-stop career centers or directly through the training provider. Contact information is available in JCS’ Opportunities Guide.

Adult Basic Education
Boston offers an array of more than thirty Adult basic Education programs located throughout the City’s neighborhoods and in several central downtown locations. These programs are supported by multiple public and private funders so that immigrants who lack sufficient English language proficiency and residents who have not completed high school and seek a diploma can achieve their career goals and compete for family-supporting wages. ABE services include classroom instruction, one-to-one tutoring, computer-assisted instruction and distance learning.
Basic eligibility includes:

  • Massachusetts residency

  • 16 years of age or older

  • Lacking high school diploma

There are no income requirements however programs are encouraged to prioritize services to those most in need.

Key Partnerships for Adult Services

There are a number of key partners and critical stakeholders connected to Adult Services which fall within the following categories: intermediaries, private foundations, service providers, local city and other government agencies.

The Boston Adult Literacy Initiative (ALI), is a coalition of thirty-two adult education and literacy programs located in 15 of the neighborhoods that comprise the city of Boston. The ALI serves native English speakers who seek a high school equivalency diploma and immigrants who are deficient in English language skills.

The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), and JCS have maintained a partnership on workforce development issues for more than 20 years. The PIC serves as Boston’s Workforce Investment Board and is responsible for organizing the employers who oversee a range of workforce development activities for the youth and adult populations.

SkillWorks, is a career ladder initiative created to address the needs of employers for more skilled workers and of workers for more and improved access to jobs with family-supporting wages. SkillWorks represents a public-private partnership and currently funds programs in the sectors of health care, hospitality, automotive services and building services.

The Commonwealth Corporation, is a quasi-public state agency that develops and implements workforce development programs in Massachusetts. Through research and evaluation, CommCorps shares practices and provides technical assistance to the field.