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When You Purchase Gasoline

Receive the right amount:
Our Weights and Measures officials routinely check all gasoline pumps for accuracy. They also check gasoline storage tanks to be sure that stations are selling the octane level advertised. If violations are found, the seller can be fined and the product removed.


  • Be sure you or the attendant are using the correct pump. The octane rating and the price per gallon or liter should be clearly marked on each pump.
  • Be sure the pump is set to zero before any gasoline is pumped
  • Check the price by multiplying the number of gallons by the unit price. Be sure this shows as the total due or if you are pumping the gasoline stop the pump at exactly 10 gallon's to simply check the total for correctness. Example: 10 gallons x 1.349 per gallon = $13.49.
  • Some gasoline stations "market" their least expensive gasoline as "economy" brand. Since "regular" is most commonly the least expensive brand, some consumers mistakenly order "regular" thinking they will receive the lowest priced gasoline. Be careful to order the correct brand.
  • All prices posted have to agree. If a price is posted "lower" than what is charged at the pump, the station is not in compliance with the law. All grades of gasoline must posted at the dispenser with the price and octane quality.
  • All parts of the gasoline dispenser have to be in proper working condition. Any leaks, broken nozzles, missing indicator elements or worn hoses must be repaired immediately by the station.
  • Also, avoid purchasing gasoline when you see a "gasoline storage tanker" delivering gasoline to the station. When the high volume of product empties into the underground storage tank it can "stir up" sediments located at the bottom of the tank. If the station has a poor filter, this sediment will end up in your tank, clogging your gasoline filter.
  • If you have a problem that is not resolved with the gas station, contact the Boston Inspectional Services Department.
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