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Helpful Tips for Homeowners to Conserve Energy
Be Safe, Conserve Energy, Save Money

Be Safe:

  1. If you are a tenant, your landlord must maintain your heating system. If your heating system isn't working properly and your landlord hasn't made repairs, call the City of Boston's Inspectional Services Department (ISD) at 635.5300.

  2. If you find yourself without heat and unable to solve the problem, call the City of Boston's 24-hour "No Heat" response team.

  3. If you are using space heaters, check that wires are safe, that heaters are out of reach of children, and that heaters are off when going out or going to bed.

  4. Check smoke detectors. Install Carbon Monoxide detectors.
Conserve Energy:

  1. Keep the thermostat at 68F or below. Reduce setting at least 10 before retiring or when away for the day. (Elderly and those with health risks should use their best judgement and consult a physician about what is a safe temperature.)

  2. Wrap you water heater with an insulated water heater blanket.

  3. Make sure your windows keep the cold air out. Weatherize. Put storms down. Keep draperies and shades open in sunny windows; close them at night.

  4. Plug and seal all air leaks in your home. Check for holes and cracks in walls, ceilings, windows, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, switches, and outlets.

  5. Close your fireplace damper when not in use.

  6. Give your furnace a tune-up.

  7. Have an energy audit done on your home. Call Boston Edison for more information.

Save Money:

  1. Follow conservation tips. Reducing air leaks can save you up to 10% of your heating bill. Closing your fire damper can save you 5%. A $50 furnace tune-up can increase efficiency by about 5%. Turning down your thermostat one degree can cut your bill by 2%. It all adds up! Start conserving and start saving now!

  2. If you heat with oil and your oil dealer is not honoring the contract or if you're not getting the correct fuel or the correct price, call the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing at 635-3834.

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