Code Enforcement Police

The Code Enforcement Police's (CEP) primary function is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for Boston's residents by enforcing the State and City sanitary codes related to illegal dumping, improper storage of trash, illegal vending and posting, and unshoveled sidewalks. CEP maintains a strong presence in the City by patrolling the streets of Boston on foot, bike, or car.

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Codes Enforced

Overview of common code violations. Full list of codes enforced includes cleanliness licenses, zoning, storage of trash and dumpsters, recycling, and sign postage codes.
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  • snowcart75

    Unshoveled Sidewalks

    Shoveling or plowing snow into the city streets can create a serious public safety issue, and violates City Ordinance Article 16, Section 12.16. Once snow has stopped, residential and commercial property owners have three hours to remove ice, slush, or snow. Property owners are responsible for shoveling sidewalks abutting their property.

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  • Illegal Sign (75)

    Illegal Posting of Signs

    It is illegal to post signage of any form including advertisements in the Boston. Posters, handbills, or any other form of announcements cannot be placed on, attached to, hung from, propped against, or written on city buildings; poles or traffic lights posts; columns; waste receptacles; private property; or trees. Certain forms of commercial signage are allowed with a building permit under the City of Boston Zoning Code.

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  • Trash Bag and Can (75)

    Trash Storage

    Improper storage and disposal of trash brings problems with odors, cleanliness, and rodents. Trash must be stored and disposed of correctly by residents, property owners, and commercial property owners in order to avoid fines.

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  • Street Vendor (75)

    Street Vending

    Street vendors must obtain permits and licenses from the State Division of Professional Licensure, the Department of Public Works, and the Inspectional Services Department. Vendors found in non-compliance of the rules and regulations governing city and state licenses and permits will have their merchandise confiscated and fines will be assessed.

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Appeals and Payments

Upon receipt of a ticket, you may submit a written appeal or request a hearing in writing within 21 days. If the person cited is not satisfied with the result, he or she may appeal to the Boston Housing Court.
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