Rental Registration and Inspection Program Frequently Asked Questions

City of Boston Code Ordinance CBC 9-1.3 requires private rental units to be registered on an annual basis and inspections will be conducted for non-exempt units on a 5-year cycle starting January 2014.

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What are the Rental Registration Requirements?
Who is required to register rental units? Do I need to register my units?
How can a property owner register his/her rental unit(s)?
What is the cost of registration?
What will the cost for registration be after the initial year?
Will there be any fines or penalties assessed for non-compliance of the registration process?
Why can't I find my address when registering online?
How do I sign up for an inspection?
I don't understand the 'Terms and Conditions' section, what is it?
What's a facade certificate? Or a lead paint certificate? Or a fire escape affidavit?