Condemnation (150)


Any dwelling, dwelling unit, or residential structure may be condemned as unfit for human habitation.

Violations That Can Lead to a Condemnation:

  1. Lacks electricity, water supply, sanitation facilities, and heating system

  2. Conditions that create a serious hazard to the health and/or safety of the public. Includes but not limited to property that is found to be dilapidated, unsafe and unsanitary.

  3. Property found to be dangerous to the health and/or safety of the occupants or public.

  4. Property contains unsafe equipment, including any boiler, heating equipment, electrical wiring or device, flammable liquid containers or other equipment, on the premises or in the structure that presents a hazard to the life, health, property or safety of the occupants or the public.

  5. A vacant and unoccupied building left open to trespassers and the elements, found to be a danger to the community

If any of these conditions are found, the Housing Inspector may deem the property unfit for human habitation and ultimately condemn the property. The property owner is notified immediately. The inspector will post the condemned property by placing a vacate order on the building.

Property Owners Must:

  1. Notify occupants that they must vacate the property.
  2. Secure all windows and doors that are accessible from the ground from unauthorized entry.
  3. If the owner cannot be located at the time of the condemnation then the ISD Housing Inspector will notify all occupants of the condemnation.

The building will then be boarded and secured by the ISD, Project Pride Division. All board-up costs and fees will be assessed to the property. If the owner fails to reimburse the County for the board-up costs, the debt will be forwarded to the Collector Treasures Office and a lien will be placed on the property.  

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