Bed Bug (150)

Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)

To address bed bug infestations in Boston, ISD endeavors to educate inspectors, property managers, exterminators and the general public on the nature, prevention and extermination of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspection Orders

  • We require written extermination reports within 14 days of a notice of violation, and prior to closing a case. We work with owners who have contracted licensed Pest Control Operators, who have treatments programs in place, and who provide written documentation on the treatment programs.

  • Our standard bed bug notice of violation also requires that owners inspect all units in the dwelling, and they must treat all horizontally and vertically adjacent units to the infested unit(s).

Education & Outreach

Boston ISD has conducted various outreach efforts over the years that:

  • target areas with a concentration of infestations

  • educate and offer inspections to those residing in the targeted area

  • engage & educate the local community leaders and activists.

  • utilize media outlets to educate and raise awareness of residents in all parts of Boston.

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