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Mayor's Food Court - Inspection Result

Inspection Date: 2/26/2014

 StatusCode ViolationDescriptionLocation
***Violation03-3-501.16(A)Cold Holding

Pickled radish 57F and pickled cabbage 58F. Properly cold hold at 41F or below.

***Violation12-2-301.12-.15Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How

None of the handsinks were properly stocked during prep and service. Train employees to properly wash their hands.

*Violation14-4-202.11Food Contact Surfaces Design

They are using paint brushes for food contact. Provide food contact surfaces that are cleanable and durable.

***Violation20-4-703.11Food Contact Surfaces Clean

The high temperature dishwasher is only reaching 140F/160F The manufacturing plate says that is should be washing at 150F and rinsing at 180F. Provide proper sanitizer levels.

*Violation23-4-602.13Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Surfaces are soiled with food debris. Clean to remove.

**Violation28-5-402.13Sewage and Waste Water

There is a smell of sewage in the basement and a waste line in the ceiling is leaking in the prep kitchen. Repair the leak and have the area cleaned and There is standing water around the pump in the basement. Repair and have the area cleaned.

*Violation32-6-301.11-02.11Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, Signage

Numerous handsinks are setup without soap and paper towels. Provide at all handsinks.

*Violation36-6-501.11-.12Improper Maintenance of Floors

Floors are soiled and lined with cardboard. Clean.

***ViolationM-2-102.11PIC Knowledge

They are making pickled cabbage and pickled radish at room temperature. This fermentation is a specialized process and requires a HACCP plan and variance. They are operating with a sewage leak in the prep kitchen. Manager needs to cease operations when there is an imminent health hazard.


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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