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Mayor's Food Court - Inspection Result

Inspection Date: 3/29/2013

 StatusCode ViolationDescriptionLocation
*Pass02-3-602.11-.12/3-302.12Food Container Labels

Provide labels on all food containers and sauce bottles.

***Pass08-3-302.11/3-304.11Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination

Raw eggs being stored above a container of fruit and other ready to eat products. Discontinue and store appropriately to ensure no cross-contamination from raw eggs.

*Pass15-4-202.16Non-Food Contact Surfaces

2 Lights out in True refrigerator located next to single bay sink. Replace. Card board observed being used to line the floor of the walk-in cooler. Discontinue and ensure all surfaces remain cleanable durable and smooth.

*Pass17-4-302.14Test Kit Provided

Wrong test kit being used for the quatenary ammonium sanitizing bucket. Discontinue and use the appropriate test kit for the chlorine sanitizer to provide and accurate reading.

**Pass22-4-601/602.11Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Blade of can opener visibly soiled. Clean to remove.

*Pass23-4-602.13Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Shelves where clean pots and pans are being stored heavily soield and with what appears to be cacked on foods. Clean to remove and store all equipment on celan and santized shelves. Shaft of can opener visibly soiled with cacked on foods. Clean to remove. Metal storage shelves throughout kitchen heavily soiled with cacked on foods and with what appears to be rodent droppings. Single top burner and 4 top burners near restroom heavily soiled and with heavy carbon buikld up. Clean to remove. Racks being used for for storage of chocolates visibly soiled. Clean to remove.

*Pass29-5-201/02.11Installed and Maintained

Pipe in near hand sink in rear bakery room leaking. Repair.

**Pass35-6-501.111/.115Insects, Rodents, Animals

Evidence of extremely heavy rodent activity throughout the establishment. Clean and sanititize to remove all

*Pass36-6-501.11-.12Improper Maintenance of Floors

Evidence of rodent droppings on floors throughout main kitchen and bakery area's. Clean to remove and provide an up to date pest control report for the re-inspection. Floor of walk-in freezer with excess ice build-up and food debris. Clean to remove. Floor of basement area with excess boxes and debris. Clean to remove. Floor of basement storage area with what appears to be rodent droppings. Clean to remove. Basement floor of room directly next to dry storage room odorous. Address.

*Pass37-6-501.11-.12Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Filters above stove top and fryer with heavy grease build-up. Clean to remove.

***PassM-2-103.11PIC Performing Duties

Management not overseeing employees in the effective cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and storage shelves. Address. Rodent activity not being properly monitored and addressed.


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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