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Inspection Date: 10/22/2013

 StatusCode ViolationDescriptionLocation
***Violation03-3-501.16(A)Cold Holding

All foods of the single door Seidman refrigerator with elevated temperatures between 49-54F. PIC stated that the foods had been in the unit from the previous night. Ensure all potentially hazardous foods are being maintained at below 41F. Permit has been suspended until further notice.

***Violation08-3-302.11/3-304.11Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination

Raw eggs observed being stored directly over ready to eat foods. Discontinue and store appropriately to ensure no cross contamination from raw eggs.

*Violation08-3-305-307.11Food Protection

Wood chips being stored in basement storage area is exposed to the outside elements. Discontinue and ensure all wood chips are being stored in a clean and protected area and not exposed to outside elements. All wood chips being used for smoking foods at the establishment shall be in a clean and protected area.

*Violation15-4-202.16Non-Food Contact Surfaces

Single door refrigeration unit with an elevated temperature of 50F. Discontinue use unless unit is able to maintain a temperature below 41F. All foods have been in the unit overnight.

**Violation22-4-601/602.11Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Blade of can opener viaibly soiled. Clean to remove. Surface of grill top with heavy grease build up from the night prior. Clean to remove on a regular basis to limit any rodent activity.

*Violation23-4-602.13Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean

Interior of the upright Frigidaire visibly soiled and with food debris. Clean to remove. Interior of Tri-Star fryer heavily soiled and with cacked on foods. Fryer is njot being used at this time. Clean to remove.All shelves of basement storage area heavily soiled. Clean to remove.

**Violation28-5-402.13Sewage and Waste Water

Main sewer line in basement appears to be cracked and has leaked what appears to be raw sewage in the basement storage area. Address and provide a detailed plumbers report showing completed work before establishment is allowed to re-open. Permit has been suspended until a Hearing has been scheuled and all violations have been corrected.

*Violation29-5-201/02.11Installed and Maintained

Pipe under hand sink near dish machine leaking. Pipe under catch basin of dish machine wrapped with tape. Repair.

**Violation35-6-501.111/.115Insects, Rodents, Animals

Evidence of what appears to be roaches in the main kitchen area. Evidence of fruit fly activity in basement and main kitchena area. Evidence of what appears to be rodent droppings in the basement area. Clean to remove. Address all pest issues and provide a detailed IPM report from a licensed pest control company.

*Violation36-6-501.11-.12Improper Maintenance of Floors

Floor of main kitchen area (especially under fryers) with heavy grease build up and food debris. Clean to remove. Floor of the walk-in cooler in disrepair. Address. Floor of basement area in disrepair and cement has been removed around main sewar line in basement. Floor of basement area heavilt odorous. Clean to remove. Owner to have a professional cleaning company come and provide documentation of work completed.

*Violation37-6-501.11-.12Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings

Storage walls of basement storage area damaged and with exposed exposed insulation. Address and ensure all was have been sealed and insulated properly.

***ViolationM-2-103.11PIC Performing Duties

Management not performing duties when dealing with a raw sewage spill in basement area. Address and properly train staff on how to handle sewage spills as well as any other issues that may arise. Managment not overseeing the general sanitization of kitchen area and basement storage area'sto help minimize rodent activity. Address and clean all necessary area's.


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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