Roslingdale Houses (150)

Occupancy Requirements

Before your permit can be issued, there must be a record of legal occupancy for the building. When substantial changes have been made to the building, you must apply in person for a Certificate of Occupancy.

Record of legal occupancy (before permitting process):

  1. If the building has a record of legal occupancy and no work has been performed, please visit Counter 3 to apply for the certificate following the steps listed below.

  2. If there is no record of legal occupancy, the applicant must file a long form permit to legalize the occupancy.
    More Information about Long Form Permits »

Certificate of Occupancy (C/O)

Application for Use and Occupancy

COO Requirements Checklist

  1. Visit the Special Enforcement Division at Counter 3 in the Building Division 5th floor
  2. Bring your Building Permit with final inspections
  3. Final cost breakdown itemized into construction, electric, mechanical, etc.
  4. Contractor’s Statement of Fair Construction Cost signed and dated
  5. Affidavits if applicable (for projects of 2 million dollars)
  6. Reports – Fire Alarm, Sprinkler NFPA-13, Smoke Certificates, Smoke Exhaust System
  7. As built drawing and letter for Groundwater Re-Charge System designed by P.E.
  8. General Service Agreement Form from Boston Water & Sewer Commission.
  9. Commercial all Kitchen Exhaust Systems provide cleaning schedule, method of cleaning and the time interval between cleaning.

  10. Submit a one-line Diagram of the Duct System showing all clean-outs
  11. Copy of the State Elevator Certificate
  12. Log Book
  13. Copy of the issued license from the Committee on Licensing for the keeping of flammable materials and storage of vehicles in garages

  14. If requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy along with items from the above checklist, please furnish the office with a letter addressed to the Director of Buildings stating your reason.

Additional Documentation

  1. HERS Rating (New & Renovation by RESMET Certification HERS RATER)

  2. Completed Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist

  3. Letter from owner stating they have received Preliminary Commission Report for Stretch Code

  4. Final Commissioner Report for Stretch Code

  5. Depending on the size and scope of your project you may need to obtain approval for conformance to Article 37, Energy Code Compliance.

Hours and Directions

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