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Long Form Permit

A long form application is for major construction of new buildings, or major alterations to an existing building. The permit ensures all work is done safely and according to code.

A long form permit application can be initiated online.  It also requires a visit to the Building Division, Counter 1 with necessary materials for review.

Examples: You are constructing new buildings or additions, making structural repairs or renovations, changing the use or occupancy of a building (if there is no record of legal occupancy), installing a fire suppression or alarm system, or increasing capacity.
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What you need (without the following, permit will not be processed):

  1. address of the property;

  2. description of the work proposed;

  3. owner authorization;

  4. owner's name, address, and signature;

  5. site plan (please note: ISD no longer accepts applications without plans);

  6. floor plan;
    Example of Floor Plan

  7. certified Plot Plan showing property lines, and where the building is located on the lot;
    What is a Certified Plot Plan?
    Example of Plot Plan

  8. and a licensed Contractor or Engineer must sign off on the application.

If beginning the application online, you will be asked to upload the following:

Amendment to Long Form Permit

Are you adding more work or information to an issued Long Form Permit?

You need an Amendment permit. You can begin the application online and bring the following to the Building Division, Counter 1 at 1010 Mass Ave:

  1. permit number of the Long Form you are amending;
  2. revised set of plans;
  3. description of work to be changed;
  4. and estimated additional cost.

Please note: change of use and occupancy may not be done on an amendment application.
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