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Building Permits (Counter 1)

Building permits ensure construction work associated with erecting or renovating a structure is performed in accordance with applicable codes. These codes protect the safety and well being of the public within the City of Boston.

Permit Counter 1 deals with building permit applications, and is located on the 5th floor of the Building Division at ISD.

Applying for a Permit

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    Apply Online!

    Are you applying for a short form (minor alterations), electrical, plumbing, or gas permit? You no longer need to come to ISD to finish processing your application!
    *Note* You must have a valid email address, attach the required documents, pay with a credit card, and print the permit online in order for it to be processed.

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    Apply in Person at Counter 1

    Most permits (other than short form permits) require the physical hand-off of plans and supporting documents for review, even if the process was initiated online. Upon arrival, applicants should go to Counter 1 (5th floor), prepared to explain the proposed project to the Customer Service representative (CSR), or be ready with their assigned number from applying online. The CSR will outline next steps.

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After You've Applied

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    When Can I Begin Work?

    You cannot begin work until you have received the printed Building Permit Card, or, in the case of an amendment, the amendment approval. If work is started without a permit, or if the work exceeds the terms of the permit, the owner or builder can be charged double the original fee and a building code violation will be written against the owner and the contractor of the property. In addition, the builder may have their license suspended or revoked.
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    How Long is My Permit Good For?

    Your building permit is good for six months after it is issued, however the work must continue without interruption. It may, with permission of the Commissioner, be renewed for up to 180 additional days provided that the request to extend the permit is made within the first six months. After that, if you have not started work, your permit will be considered abandoned and you will have to reapply.

Please Note: The Permit Extension Act may be applied to certain conditions. For more information regarding the Permit Extension Act, log onto:

For more information see Mass. State Building Code Section 780CMR105.5.
Permit Extension Act FAQs

Hours and Directions

  • Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday: 
    8:00am - 4:00pm

    Thursday Evening:
    Building Division Only 
    8:00am - 7:00pm

    Please note that the cashier closes 15 minutes prior to closing.

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