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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture improves access to fresh, healthy, affordable food, with decreased transportaion costs and lower carbon emissions. In December 2013, the City passed Article 89, a city-wide zoning article that allows for commercial urban agriculture in Boston. New farming endeavors will bring communities together, empower small entrepreneurs, and increase access to fresh food for Bostonians.

Article 89: What It Means for Urban Farmers

Since 2010, the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Office of Food Initiatives has run a community-based effort to write Article 89, and after hosting 18 Urban Agriculture Working Group meetings, eleven neighborhood meetings, and revising multiple drafts, in December 2013, Article 89 was adopted by the City to allow for commercial urban agriculture. Article 89 makes it possible for farmers to grow and sell their produce in the city.

Visit the BRA’s website for more urban agriculture zoning information and to read Article 89.
Read Article 89

The BRA has also written an Article 89 User’s Guide that breaks down the language in Article 89.
Article 89 Users Guide

Information on appealing the Zoning Code can be found on the City of Boston's Website.
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